Tucker Full Blood Jack Russell

 Born on April 17th 2022 Tucker was born! We had lost out Jack-Rat after 16 years. After a few month of missing our Jack-Rat I told my husband I can not do this no more I really miss having a dog. He really didn't want another one. But we are so much dog lovers that he decided that yes he really miss a dog being around. So we set out to find a Jack Russell we end up going to about 4 different farms to see if anyone had Jack Russell's. Was about to give up hope when we finially found someone that had Jack Russell's they had two left one boy and one girl. We heald the boy and it was like he picked us! Tucker is a very sweet boy! Was giving kisses right off the bat and just snuggling in! So we purchased him. Tucker Spent his frist year in the semi truck with us. So yes he is a Trucker Tucker Dog! We retired off the road as our mobile trailer was getting super business and we have lots of contacts wanting our trailer at there next horse show, Live stock or fair. Tucker meets 100's of people daily on the trailer and in store. He loves to play ball with eveyone that come in. He gets along with everyone and everything. Kids, Animals, People. He is such a carring dog. Like he know when poeple have a bad day and he will great them with all the love and kisses in the world. He loves everyone and go's crazy loving around kids.  We have had quite a few inquires of wanting to breed to Tucker. Tucker is now available for breeding to your female. Tucker is a short legged Jack Russell. He weights about 15lbs. Tucker is DNA tested he is 100% pure jack russell. He is also a high % of throwing masked face. He also check out to NOT having any bad traits. This included vaccines/Meds. No signs of having side effects or problems. (There is always a chance of issues), There is Zero inbreeding in his DNA, Tucker has all his shots and ready to provide you with some amazing babys! If you would like to breed to Tucker please fill out the form below. We ask that your female is UTD on all shots & dewormed. Limited breeding spots available. Full DNA report available upon request.


We have had 1 litter as you can see the puppies. We are NOT puppy mill breeders. We are a privete family breeder. We ONLY breed once a year provided we  have a waiting list for Tucker & Rosies puppies! Our first litter was claimed before they was 3 weeks old. 3 males 1 female. We do not release puppies until they are 8/10 weeks old. We monitor the puppies on how well they are growing and learning. Puppies are litter train, They start to meet people after the first few weeks. 

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