Your first blog post!

Your first blog post!

Welcome to our website! We have been in buisiness for abut 8 years. It all started when I was bling plus size shirts and turning them in to show shirts for friends that are a plus size and could not get anything to fit them in the fancy bling jackets. Along with doing that I strarted to do tack, Belt Buckles, Clothes, Boots and Shoes! Just about anything. We also do Bling on used and new tack. Just can't give up that old saddle but want to give it some life well we can do that. So as I started doing this is just started out to becoming a store. Then about 4 years ago we purchases a 40' trailer and turn that in to a mobile tack trailer that has about 500SF of shopping on Wheels! If you are looking for a nice set up at your next show, Please drop us a message. We don't just carry tack we also carry Western and English clothes, Boots and more. We also carry Bull riding gear. Including 100X Helemts and Josh Frost rosin.

Feb 15th 2014

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